Let’s Meet the Band

June 18, 2012

There are a few new faces in the band so let’s get acquainted with them shall we? T.R. Findlay has replaced Sue Zindle on bass (we wish Sue the best of luck in L.A). T.R. is a friend of the studio (Uptown Recording) and has quickly made himself indispensable to us as a solid player […]

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First Things First

June 12, 2012

Let’s try to settle down into this right away.  First things first. Big thanks to Andy Olson of Ozone Design for helping me out with the new website design (and by “helping me out,” of course, I mean doing the entire thing for me). I know Andy from way, way back in the Iowa days. […]

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Thomas Pace Releases Shaking Faith

June 3, 2012

This summer, Chicago’s Americana singer-songwriter Thomas Pace is set to release Shaking Faith, his fifth solo Cd and first since the release of the critically acclaimed New American Way in 2008. Pace marks the end of a two-year hiatus from music with a finely crafted, nine-song collection of moody and moving alt-country tunes that are […]

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