Same Old Story

by Thomas Pace on September 13, 2012

A number of people have asked me about the opening track of the new record. The song, entitled Faith, tells the tale of a girl who lost herself and her way and is told through the eyes of one who loved her.  This is a character I have written about a number of times before, most notably in a song called “Pretty Little Girl in Blue” off the “New American Way” Cd.

Certain elements seem to always be the same. The protagonist (in this case, Faith) has met her tragic end after getting caught up in a destructive lifestyle. The story is told by a narrator who laments that he couldn’t do more to help his friend/lover and is now struggling with the guilt that comes with watching a friend fuck up his or her life while being helpless to do anything about it.
I’m not sure why I’m drawn back to this story over and over. My guess is that it might be because a can so easily relate to both the narrator and the protagonist. In my day, I watched more than one friend’s life spin out of control as I searched for ways that I could help, to no avail. It’s a terrible and helpless feeling.
At the same time, I suspect that there have been times in my life when many of my friends have watched me and worried about where my life was heading. Times when I was out of control and those that loved me were powerless to stop the slow-motion train wreck that my life had become.
It’s over now.
By now there is considerably less drama in my life. My friends, generally speaking, seem to be doing well. The same might be said for myself (?). Still, the story appeals to me. It calls to me even. To me it serves as an effective analogy for the things in my life that worry me that I cannot change. It serves as a reminder that love is not control and that control is often merely an illusion, even when it comes to our own lives.
It’s so sad to see what became of Faith.
Or so the story goes.

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