Quick Skim of the Trib

by Thomas Pace on December 10, 2018

Quick Skim of the Trib

Monday 12/10/18


Charter school company Acero came to an agreement with their striking teachers after four days off.  The teachers won concessions more pay and smaller class sizes.

Article of Interest

Mary Wisniewski has an article about how road construction at the Jane Byrne (Circle) interchange will not be completed until 2022.  Seems like kind of a ridiculously long time for a project.  At the same time, when I drive through and see how complicated the whole thing is, it seems kind of amazing it can be done at all.


After first claiming the no one from his campaign ever had any contact with Russians it’s now clear that at least 14 people from Trump’s camp had contact with Russians including  Ivanka, Donald Jr., Jared, Manafort, Cohen, and  Roger Stone.


Shameik Moore is going to be the voice of Spiderman in a new animated series making him the first black man to claim this role.    

Comics:  Argyle Sweater, Dilbert


What did I say about the Bears beating the Rams?  Sky is the limit with this team.


Jill on Money tell me to prepare for a less robust 2019.  No shit?


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