Quick Skim of the Trib

by Thomas Pace on December 7, 2018

Quick Skim of the Trib

Friday 12/7/18


Preckwinkle gets the endorsement of the teacher’s union.  She also fires her security chief in the wake of a scandal involving one of her Cook County vehicles that turned up abandon with a bunch of political material inside.  Still not sure what that episode was all about

Article of Interest

It’s becoming more and more clear that GOP candidate Mark Harris resorted to fraud to win the congressional election last month.  The GOP says they are open to a new election.  New election?  How about going to jail?  I would love to see this fully investigated.  It’s a tread that could undo the entire sweater.


A judge ordered the reopening of the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s private server.


I guess the movie about the Swedish guy who wrote the “Pippi Longstocking” book.   I’m gonna check it out. 

Comics:  Argyle Sweater, Baby Blues


Check back tomorrow.


A coalition of state attorney generals are taking action to stem robo-calling (5.1 billion calls in November).  I get at least two calls a day, which I invariably block.  Still they call.

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