Hello Again

by Thomas Pace on November 22, 2013

It’s obviously been a while since I tended to this site. Let’s see where we are.


The band and I are back at Uptown Recording working on another record. It’s early yet but going quite well. No, we don’t have any gigs on the book. Going to put a little time in and book some gigs for the new year. Maybe try to get a residency somewhere.

Yes, I still play bass with DeXter. We’ve just finished a new CD call “Blue Shadows.” Without question our best work yet.


Many of you may know that my short drama “The Wrong Man” played at the Chicago International Reel Short Film Festival. The screening went very well. I’m pretty proud of it and will make it available to see on line in a few months. My new short “Rain, Rain” has finished shooting and is in edit. It’s about a woman suffering emotionally after a traumatic event. It’s stars Cheryl Lynn Golemo and Gunnar Lewis (The Wrong Man), as well as Lisandra Tena and Chicago man-of-all-seasons, Will Clinger. Should be ready to go early next year.

I’ve also been doing some visual art projects. Nothing too involved but a few interesting thing that I’m sure I’ll get to in more detail at some point in time. So that’s a catch-up. It’s not much but will have to do. I’m going to try to stay on top of writing on this blog. At least for a while. As something of an experiment. I’m going to try to write one page every weekday and just see what I come up with.

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